The Chrysler 300 Provides Features For Your Safety

The Chrysler 300 is a full-size sedan that is popular with consumers as well as luxurious for those that drive in it.

The Chrysler 300 contains many different safety features. The Blind Spot Monitoring is one of those. This system makes lane changing much easier and safer. It is able to determine if there is a vehicle in your blind spot and will provide an alert to you by lighting up in the corresponding outside mirror as well as alerting with an auditory alert that can be heard by the driver. The Chrysler 300 also contains the LANESENSE® LANE DEPARTURE WARNING WITH LANE KEEP ASSIST. This system will alert with an auditory sound if you start drifting into another lane without first signaling to go into that lane. It will also automatically self-correct back into your lane.

There are many more safety and other features that make the Chrysler 300 a luxury sedan that is well worth a look. Go and take one for a test drive today to see if it is a vehicle that is right for your needs.


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