The Jeep Compass SUV is teeming with capabilities that open it up to a broad swath of customer preferences. The adage, "there's something for everyone" is used often, but what if it's true. What if this Jeep can adapt to hot, blistering climates and tough winter conditions alike? Does it give the same excellent performance to drivers who love off-road adventure as it does to those just going to work?

The all-weather prowess of the Jeep Compass causes it to adjust seamlessly to road conditions. From snow and ice to dry, desert heat, the 16- to 19-inch wheels simply drive unhindered in both perfect and inclement weather. And, rain is no problem. The windshield wipers turn on automatically when they detect the presence of moisture.

Taking the SUV for a test drive is the best way to see all the many features of the new Jeep Compass. Come to Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Billings and spend some time experiencing how a new Jeep Compass would fit quite nicely into your life.


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