Whoever said that riding in a pickup truck would force you to compromise on savvy entertainment options? If you choose to purchase the Ram 3500, then you won’t need to give up your entertainment options. Unlike most heavy duty pickup trucks, this year’s Ram 3500 comes standard with a 12-inch entertainment system.

This entertainment system can be used for the hands-free phone system, music, climate control options, and even safety options. Smart towing is another option that can be controlled by the vehicle infotainment system.

Smart towing is important and will be used frequently if you choose to use your vehicle for towing. Smart towing helps the vehicle brake when the vehicle experiences downhill towing. This helps the vehicle brake without overheating the exhaust. Blind-spot monitoring can also be controlled from within the vehicle. The Ram 3500 comes standard with tactile controls, active noise cancellation, and 10 decibels.



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