Must See Jeep Cherokee Safety Features

One reason so many motorists are raving about the new Jeep Cherokee, its the growing list of safety features that comes packed inside.

Keeping drivers in the Jeep Cherokee safer, the rear view camera system works as soon as you shift into reverse. That screen on your center console switches to a camera monitor, giving you a clear view of the kids playing behind the vehicle that pedestrian walking by distracted, or another car.

The Jeep Cherokee comes with a great feature when traveling at high speed on the road. The Adaptive Cruise Control makes certain to maintain a buffer between you and the lead car and will adjust your speed down if that car slows, then resumes your set speed once the lead car speeds up.

Once you see us at Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Billings and test drive the Jeep Cherokee, you will wonder why you put it off for this long.



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