Transfer Case: The Center of Your Drivetrain

Most 4x4s and all-wheel-drive vehicles have a transfer case. It is the center of your truck or SUVs drivetrain, and if you take them out on demanding terrain, you will need power sent to both your front and rear axles. Your vehicle's drivetrain is a complex system of several different components, so here is a brief look at some of the most important parts.

Your vehicle's engine will send power to your transmission, then your transmission will send that power to the transfer case. The transfer case will then distribute power evenly to both your front and rear axles. Some transfer cases run on hydraulics while others run using gears or chains. Your vehicle's differential will also help distribute power to the axles.

If you want your vehicle to perform at optimal levels, then you need the components of your drivetrain to work in unison. Let one of our automotive specialists get your drivetrain working in perfect harmony by visiting us at our auto parts center in Billings, MT today.

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