If Your Vehicle Seems a Little Uneasy Driving, You Should Have Us Check Your Fluids

If you're driving your vehicle and you start to hear some unwelcome noises or feel things that just don't seem right, your vehicle might have some fluid issues. Whether it's starting it up, cruising down the road at a steady speed or stopping, your vehicle's fluids play a role in all of those. If you're noticing problems, it may be time to bring your vehicle to our dealership to get looked at.

Common Fluid Problems

What are certain things you should look for if your vehicle needs its fluids changed? It could be a variety of things, but these are some common signs:

1. Vehicle shifts into gear slowly or has trouble going into drive or reverse, which is common with transmission fluid problems

2. It's making clunking noises in the engine which can happen if oil goes bad

3. Has trouble steering if power steering fluid is bad

How We Can Fix It

At Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Billings, we can check all your fluids if you're having problems and change them as needed. Some changes are quick while others need more time. But you shouldn't wait if you're having problems; you should call us today or bring your vehicle to our dealership in Billings, MT.

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